Nancy L. Meek


For you, it will truly be the hardest thing
saying goodbye to those you dearly love
not knowing what tomorrow may bring…
tears of joy or horrors none dare think of.

But with hopes held high, you’ll say goodbye
or better yet, farewell till you embrace again,
as hearts racing, the vast ocean and sky
bears them away… Destination: War Insane.

You’ll tend the home front as best you can
and will brave the loneliness you’re bound to feel
till they return home from that distant land
safe and sound, a dream nobody can steal.

Facing the perils of war, they’ll think of you,
and feel grateful you are not where they are,
having to endure what they’re going through,
knowing real peace is still a long shot by far.

Each one knows today might be the last
for any one of them who’s sworn to remain
till their duties are done, or the die is cast
perhaps numbering them among the maimed.

But, whatever price they each will pay
for the sake of those hoping to live free,
you’ll greet them on that most special day
with the Welcome Home they long to see.

You’ll shake flags at their plane long before it lands
and shout and scream as their ship draws near,
a welcome every returning soldier understands,
epitomizing what a veteran’s soul holds dear.