Nancy L. Meek


Embracing good and evil,
we procreate then die,
still savoring that fruit
we did not need to try.

Nothing much has changed
in war’s still-gross affair,
not mankind’s operandi,
or his carnage everywhere.

Armed with deadly weapons,
we raise unholy Cain,
brothers killing brothers,
in death begetting pain,

Till here we are, unable
to see our sad behind
too-blinded by the devil,
alive in spite of time.

Our God still hears the blood
crying from the ground
as He weeps in steady torrents,
to believing hearts profound!

Affected by our sins
which never had to be,
God left His throne above
to dwell with you and me.

He showed us how to love
and therefore, He was slain;
and WAR is how we thank Him,
who made the pouring rain.

Nothing much has changed
as we stumble in the dark,
cussing at the flood
as it slowly fills the ark.