Nancy L. Meek


Stay the hell away from me!
I can’t afford the likes of thee.
Do me no favors or try to cajole me,
Don’t touch me in an attempt to console me;
for it hence would move me
to eventually befriend thee
and then I would be forced
to love thee and soon come to need thee;
and should you, hence, in some battle,
suddenly up and die on me,
it would stoke this hell more, you see.
So, please, don’t come near me.
I can’t afford the likes of thee…
who’d risk his young neck for me
as I would, in-a-heartbeat, do for thee;
for when such two souls bond,
they will indelibly blend into one
till vile death takes them beyond;
but if one should die before the other,
the brother who is left here behind
must endure the other’s vacant eyes;
and I’ll be damned if I’ll be the one
who shakes his bloody fist at God
as war drowns out his fervent cries;
for God will choose not to answer
the desperate pleas we wail below.
If He did so, then I would have died
a million tears ago.