Nancy L. Meek


You’re always reliving the days of yore…
those nostalgic years before the war,
so alluring, carefree sane and secure,
so different from war bearing futures unsure.

So, “back there” you stay while the war awaits;
a future of oppression, oppressors, and dates.
Afraid to be freed from your walk through hell,
deep in your past, you choose to dwell.

Avoid reality, the tests, and the strife!
Retreat to your past, but run for your life,
for Satan without and your God within
are duking it out over the souls of men.

War is that place you would love to forget
where those you have killed are lingering yet…
in death and darkness you dare not face,
where a God of life seems so out of place.

You endured it all, thanks to your mask,
so a different man could take on the task,
a colder, more focused… much quieter man,
ignoring God… hoping he’d understand.