Nancy L. Meek


They take the time to welcome them back,
to thank them for all they have done in Iraq,
Afghanistan… or whatever place it might be
that kept them away from the Land-of-the-Free.

They nod and smile or just shake their hand,
grateful they are home from that war-torn land
where soldiers are paid in exploding bombs,
not in fresh-baked cookies in arms of moms.

They greet them with smiles or a word or two,
till the plane is emptied of the returning few,
who smile and/or tear up, as the case may be,
all thinking, “My country does care about me.”

“They have taken the time from their busy day
to welcome me home from the war far away
as I stand here bravely with eyes growing red,
my arms opened wide for a hug just ahead.”

Author’s Note: This poem was inspired by the following “Person of the Week” Video