Nancy L. Meek


I’m fighting with the pros
till I can make it home.
Thank God for all my bros
that I don’t fight alone!

I try with my whole self
to never let them down
for whenever I need help
there’s some of them around.

I play one tiny part
but essential to the whole
for whenever things look dark
I’m with them, heart and soul.

I’m fighting for my bros
as we travel down this path
for whenever death’s this close
we bond then cry and laugh.

They foot the bill for me
with home so far away
for whenever I have need
to share my crummy day.

I trust them with my life
which gives me peace of mind
for whenever there’s a fight
they guard my sad behind.

They are my eyes and ears
and I, likewise, are theirs
for whenever, through the years
or death erase our cares.