Nancy L. Meek


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: February 1, 2011
Awarded: February 1, 2011
Don’t let me die before I’ve sung
of the awful terrors I have seen,
a million times, or maybe more.
You know the ones I mean….
They keep me wide awake at night
while my family’s fast asleep,
oblivious to our planes in flight
droning above the oceans deep,
Those tragic scenes inside my head,
airmen below us dropping dead,
our crippled buddies limping ashore,
raped our souls and forevermore.

Mushroom clouds, millions… GONE!
Charred before their sun could rise,
hot tears welling behind my eyes!
What of those innocent souls galore,
plucked from here and in their prime?
Was there no other way than war
to halt those killings-lacking-rhyme?
Oh, Lord, don’t let me die tonight
before I’m done with sharing all.
Allow my pen to bring to light
the horrific scenes I still recall.

My soul is filled with songs unsung
but reek of dung upon the page;
without Thy hand, they sit unwrung,
unable to convey my inner rage.
You know, Dear Lord, the effects of war;
how it’s changed the likes of me
who sat like cream above the gore
longing so to help men see…
Our glass is always full
as long as You are there;
death’s sting is but a blip
on the scope of everywhere.

Though wars drone on and on
and bigger bombs will fall,
one day they’ll all be gone
and Love will fill us all.
The Mares of the Night will vanish
in the Light of Thy coming Day…
so bright it thus will banish
the Darkness of Today.
If still true, don’t let me die
with songs left yet to sing
on war… that carnal lie!…
where fewer freedoms ring.