Nancy L. Meek


When some deem us less than human
and seek new ways for us to die,
will our reaction be always carnal,
with the good ol’ eye-for-an-eye?

When they use old women and children
to repel our approaching guns,
will our solution eternally be
to kill more daughters and sons?

When we dropped “The A-Bomb” then cheered,
didn’t we sob, too, with relief
at the good news, “The war is over!”…
those massacres beyond belief?

When we bleed our soldiers dry
then point to their nails unclean,
do we feed the Mares of the Night
bringing maggots of war obscene?

When we speak concerning the vileness
that has driven some Veterans insane,
do we ever whisper of the pity
God did not kill our brother Cain?