Nancy L. Meek


All eyes are on US in the wake of the fall
now, more than ever, we must rise to the call
instruct our brothers in the way they should go
praying all the while that closer we’ll grow.

Let our relentless efforts not be in vain
in the aftermath of an evil tyrant’s reign.
Let them cast their eyes upon our ways
bestowing hope they will know brighter days.

Let them see that compassion and love
residing in the hearts of both hawk and dove,
the abiding respect we have for mankind
but let US not be the blind leading the blind!

All eyes are on US in the wake of the war
as angry fingers point from every shore
judging US harshly for what we have done
believing victory merely ours to be won.

Let US pray for wisdom in the days ahead
as we shower them with water and bread
as we teach them what it means to be free
to birth a new Eden without tyranny.

Then, may we, after all the work has been done,
raise our tired yet humble eyes toward The Son
in gratitude for those warm and ceaseless rays
thankful that all eyes are on US these days.

May we stand proud in the wake of the fall
Showing, by example, who we truly are:
One Nation Under God… Indivisible
with Liberty and Justice for All!

God Bless America, Our Allies, The Oppressed
and Our Gallant Soldiers, Here and Abroad!