Nancy L. Meek


Where have all the flowers gone
To Heaven or Hell, no one knows
Severed from the fighting throng
But on lives the beauty of the rose

Each were unique creations
Seeds from the Master’s hand
Planted into wombs in many nations
Each bud destined for Vietnam

Tender leaves, green from the start
Seeking the rays of the sun
Never dreamed they’d be shot like a dart
Into a garden ruled by the gun

Mothers wailed and fathers cursed
With hearts deeply torn in two
As the news came, so well-rehearsed:
It is with deep regret we inform you.

Roses plucked from a garden of evil
On a battlefield so very far away
Still smell sweetly upon upheaval
Reeling in the senses forever and a day

Every bloom was a different hue
A slice from the rainbow’s end
Dipped in a pot of gold, forever true blue
Heroes beyond the bitter end

Eternally grateful we shall be
To the roses which died so long ago
Giving their lives that we may live free
Lest we be victims, oppressed by the foe

Surely, in Heaven they are blooming
With the Creator of Life and Love
Plucked from this hell-on-earth brewing
Borne away in the beak of the dove

For God in His mercy is an awesome God
Defender of all who seek His way
Parting the weeds from the roses in the sod
Gathering His flowers while He may