Nancy L. Meek


Fred Alvis - The Guy in Blue
Fred Alvis: The Guy in Blue
Helicopter Gunner – Vietnam 1971-1972
With Ron in the cock pit and Fred at the door,
they were young guys again headed for war,
fighting old battles and grieving within
for the 129th and those thirty-five men
who moved a few caring to honor them all
by emblazoning their names, not on The Wall,
but there on the side of their Huey in white,
in memory of all who died left and right
while out on some mission, doing their best,
their adrenalin pumping like all of the rest.

For a little while there, they were young guys again
astraddle the seats they rode way back when,
reliving tense moments of bold missions past,
glad to be flying that work horse at last,
bearing the names of men they had lost,
remembered at length… in spite of the cost,
the wump of the old horse they can never forget,
their throats closing up… their eyes growing wet,
and the need to go back… if just for a spell,
in salute of their brothers who died in that hell.

Memorial Panel of the 129th AHC KIA
Memorial panel on the “resurrected” Huey 509: Click the graphic to view the story

Author’s Note: Inspired by “the guy in blue”, Fred Alvis