Allison McPhail

Aged 13, Allison lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


IWVPA Bronze Helmet Top Poet Award of Excellence: May 2003Soft flakes fall
On cold gray stone
As tiny poppies wilt.
One bent figure,
Stands all alone
Amidst the rows of jutting rocks.
Through the leaves of the trees
A chill wind mourns,
Singing a hopeless song of longing.

Yet a colder wind
Forever blows,
Once the air has stilled.
That an empty heart
Suffers numbing pain,
And shrinks, and beats, and cries.

Stiff fingers shake
As flowers are laid
Upon an unmarked grave.
A prayer is said,
A tear is shed,
Then a soldier’s wife
Walks away.

Dull flowers sit,
Slowly covered by snow,
And a single petal falls.