Mel McKenzie

Mel McKenzie served with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) at Maralinga, South Australia during the British Atomic Tests in 1957.


Goodbye George, Goodbye John
One by one we all pass on
Peace at last and a well earned rest
All because of the Atomic tests
Our enemy silently lingered unseen
Latent but lethal, just the same
Long lingering doubt, then the pain
But loss of life was not in vain
No heroes’ medals too pass on
No recognition, of what we’d done
Only dear ones left to mourn
Détente and Cold War, now all gone
It’s hard not to fret, for the past
When our futures were taken
By that awesome blast
The few who are left, please don’t distain
But salute the Spirit that prevailed that day
And remember mates that led the way.