John McCloy


The Christmas tree’s up,
The lights are all on.
The house is so pretty
Soon Santa will come.
Excited young children
With presents in mind
Are wondering what joys
In the morning they’ll find.
Ah! The Magic of Christmas.

In the morning they rise
And they yell and they scream
They race to the lounge room
To see if Santa has been.
Their eyes are wide open
At the sight that they see
There must be millions of presents
Lying under the tree.
Ah! The Magic of Christmas.

Mum and Dad are there ready
To capture the moment
On their video cam
To recall the excitement.
They smile and they laugh
As their kids show belief
In Santa once more
Oh, what a relief!
Ah! The Magic of Christmas.

The drink that was left
Next to the cake
And the carrots for reindeer
Were there for Santa to take.
“So he must have come in
While we were asleep
The refreshments are gone
And I heard not a peep.”
Ah! The magic of Christmas.
It’s all captured on camera
So everyone sees
The excitement as presents
Are pulled from the tree
The sparkling eyes of the children
Will be remembered for years.
The happiness they have found
Leaves no room for tears.
Ah! The Magic of Christmas.

The years quickly pass
The children leave home
They must take this step
And make it alone.
But come Christmas Day
They arrive at the door
It’s a real Christmas Day
We’re all together once more.
Ah! The Magic of Christmas.

In time we all see
A new generation
As our children have children
A cause for celebration.
But our children decide
To have Christmas Day by themselves
And continuing traditions
Of Santa and elves.
Ah! The Changing Face of Christmas.

But somewhere in the streets
Of our cities and towns
Live the homeless and lonely
In their despair they do drown.
No presents for them
No excitement to see
No bright Christmas lights
And no Christmas tree.
Ah! There’s no magic in Christmas.

And for many there is
No festive season
Left alone by their families
For whatever the reason
They rise in the morning
With no reason for waking
No fuss, no excitement
No turkey or baking
Ah! The loneliness of Christmas

For the lonely and homeless
Christmas Day it means nothing
No sharing, no laughter
No loving, no touching.
They just stare at the four walls
And wish for the Christmas
That they knew in their childhood
That now forever is missing.
Ah! The tragedy of Christmas.

It just doesn’t matter
What we believe;
In Santa, in Jesus
It’s who we perceive
Will bring about peace
In a world full of hate
Of loving and caring
It’s still not too late.
Ah! The optimism of Christmas.

Let’s try to remember
That time in our youth
When innocent children
Knew that Santa was truth
When peace was a concept
So well understood
And we laughed and we loved
And life was so good.
Ah! Bring back the meaning of Christmas.

For only when we look
Through the eyes of a child
Will we see all the things
That have left us so blind.
Let’s kill all the hate
Let’s all make life grander
And bring back the ideals
And caring of Santa.
Ah! There is peace in Christmas.