J.J. McCloud

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: July 25, 2005
Awarded: July 25, 2005

Yesterday in the early hours of Dawn
I heard sounds that I haven’t heard in so long

They were the Dogs off War; The Dogs of War
Have come calling once again to my door,

Beasts from the bowels of hell where evil dwells
Howling and barking and tearing at my door

How many times have I followed their bloody trail?
How many countries and people have I left my job undone?

The dogs howl and they slather and foam at the mouth
Often times they sound like people with lies in their mouth

No restrictions, no rules of engagement, no sanctuaries to hide
The Dogs howl these words to the soldier inside

Kill the where you find them; leave them to rot
Worries of retribution you have not.

Find more or your kind, we know that there are more
Train in secret until build our Army, one that you can trust once more

The Dogs strain at the chains that hold them in place
If I take their chains it may be I that die in someone else’s place

The Dogs want blood and human flesh on which to feed
Their owners are only motivated by that thing called greed

The best motives and ideas in the world can do no good
One man or even one thousand men will do no good

The world must take a stand and must leash the hounds
Feed them to their harsh evil masters to quiet the baying of the hounds

Then maybe, just maybe instead of tears and the cries of horror and pain
If the world an end to this makes, maybe you’ll hear the laughter of children in the soft rain

I’ve run with these Dogs for forty years and more
I’ve watched as good men died to feed them more and still more

All over the world I’ve followed these hellish Dogs of War
From Viet Nam and Korea to Panama and Grenada to name a few

The Sudan and Ethiopia and Congo and Rhodesia and Liberia have seen them too
In Europe it was the Balkans and Siberia in winter, The Dogs of War were there too

Malaysia, Indonesia, Columbia and Peru, the list is endless and I follow them thru
This time I cannot heed their call; this time my wars are over in some foreign land

The Dogs growl and lunge and try to pull me in, I only smile and say not this time friends.
Now I am old and my place is here; here I must teach the ways of those I hold so dear.

Now I must teach the small ones about the Eagles that fly in the night sky
They must learn of their mother who too soon bid them goodbye

There is much I must do here, there are many to teach
All will walk separate roads in this life and I must teach

The ways of the Old Ones, Those Who have Gone Before
Those ways must be taught before they vanish forevermore

Yes there is much for me to do, my future is unknown this is true
But my little ones be not afraid for no more will I follow the dogs of war you can be sure

No more will I follow the baying hounds; my days of war are gone
And my time here grows short, so those hounds of war can go to hell.

I may join them there someday but only Usen and time will tell.
Be at ease my little ones, rest all of you well, no more on war will we dwell.

Your love and kisses and that of your Madre as well, will keep at bay the Hounds of Hell.