Jim Mcclean


The day started off thirsty with expectation, the ravenous mood needed its fix, without it, a feeling of impending doom seemed assured. The sullen time had arrived. Many had wished for this moment, eventually everyone succumbs to their muse. Men armed and eager with a dash of nervous recklessness, eyes vacant of empathy this truly was the ultimate cocktail brewed by Hades. War is to be waged. Why, was not important? Throughout the history of past realms and empires many battles have been fought. Bloodshed and sorrow guaranteed. People have short memories and the innocent shorter lives. War is chaotically necessary. To some it is a chance of redemption, while to others it is simply a challenge or contest. It helps to feed the greedy and clothe the bashful. Mankind fails to realise there is enough land to shelter us all.