Paul F. McCann


So much unspoken in a goodbye,
but who will cry when love gets away.
We said goodbye so long ago when we were young
and our love had just begun,
but snatched away was the heart of a child,

So much spoken when we kiss
and who could have thought it would end up like this.
We said hello the other day and you know it’s still the same
as it was way back then when we where young
and I looked back at you and you smiled.

Love has spoken and you know I’m not joking when I say love gets away

I could see in a moment my destiny,
For you and me the time is right,
And I hold on tight as the world goes wild.

When love gets away and God knows, I miss her each day: it’s no shame
When Love gets away, for I’ll hold on: might come back again
When love gets away