Paul F. McCann


Love is the only truth that we’ll find in this world
and I know cause it happens to show in the way that we feel,
our love is unreal,
hold my hand,
in this emotional land where no one can demand
what we’ve found on the ground that we’ve built with our love
and the gift that we share is as rare as you’ll find this side of paradise.

Sometimes it’s hard when I think it could come to end and we would part,
but I hear in my heart the voice of a friend saying
love cannot end it has to exist,
like the mist on the ground that lifts to the sound
of the birds in the trees
and the seasons in the time that we share
you and I here together this side of paradise.

Someday when the time is right my love,
we will fly beyond the sky above to a place
without time forever there you will be mine
in paradise you and I.
Where love like ours will never die
we’re only here once we don’t come twice
living this side of paradise

What can compare to love like this,
its paradise and I hear your voice in my ear
and see the sky in your eye so high up above,
we are in love and always will be on a cloud
we’ll drift on by and kiss the world goodbye,
for you and I share a piece of the sky
this side of paradise.