Paul F. McCann


Non-verbal things said, can be misread, time and time again.
A word left out, can place a doubt and facts are lost in vain.

Some bad reports end up out of sorts like some patients do.
Notes that were faxed as I read them through perplexed me.

By the time he was admitted his rapid heart had stopped,
in concluding Dr Jones said, I think the beat had hopped.

The nurse called out, is Dr Jones about ready to mend.
For someone has pain in the main wing, up the other end

The note read Doctor Jones said: sit tight on his abdomen.
The nurse agreed, his bladder freed, she wrote, in with her pen.

It matters not, to hit the spot, to get a message through.
Communication’s vital in, its recital to who.

The patient commended, what was written wasn’t quite right.
After daylight hours, teeth are like stars – they come out at night.

The message ended, treatment recommended is complete;
the patient left by self with a prescription on his feet.