Paul F. McCann


The soldier gazed out from behind a pair of binoculars;
A fixed watch on traffic rolling by.
Unaware of who may be there, he had to be vigilant.
Then suddenly something caught his eye.

The driver of a car seemed to be tied in to his seat.
The soldier had to react right away.
The car headed into the city centre
with hundreds of people gathered there for market day.

The look of terror on his face,
told the soldier the driver was wired up to a remote device.
The soldier shot the tyres and stopped the vehicle.
Rather than hundreds of lives one was sacrificed.

The driver was hostage to a remote that was triggered
to the bomb that was strapped to his body.
The bomb exploded and as the soldier said a prayer;
he knew somewhere out there a killer walked free.

Some pay the ultimate price
but one day justice will come for the innocent ones who are asleep.
For them there is no sorrow,
but for the soldier tomorrow comes with another vigil to keep.