Nicholas J. Mazzarol

Nicholas served in the Australian Army with the 104th Signal Squadron during 1971 in Vietnam.


The generals will visit for a couple of days
‘Cause they get extra medals for these very short stays
Politicians know that photos with soldiers are ‘gold’
‘Cause they’re seen as supporting the brave and the bold

Yes, politicians at home and the generals too
Will talk up the war as the ‘right thing to do’
But the war doesn’t stop when the soldiers come home
They must still face their demons – often alone

And in years to come, people won’t give a damn
They’ll cynically call it our ‘New Vietnam’
And the armchair experts will blame Uncle Sam
For getting us in to this terrible jam

But our forces should know that good people care
They appreciate all that you’ve done over there
And if later the burden is too much to bear
Talk to your mates – they’ll ease your despair

Unlike the experts, they’ve actually been to a war
So tell them about what you did and you saw
Just like you they have ‘carried the load’
And will help ease your trip down ‘Recovery Road’

Author’s Note: I cobbled [this poem] together while thinking of my son-in law who is serving in Afghanistan