Steven C. Maulsby

Steve grew up in Iowa and at the age of 19 joined the Air Force. After leaving the Air Force in 1970, he attained his BA in Accounting form the University of Northern Iowa and has lived in Texas for the last 20 years where he is General Manager for a door manufacturing plant.

During his service in the Air Force (1966-70) Steve worked on B-52 tail gunnery systems. In 1968 he was assigned to Okinawa, Kadena AFB, in support of SEA operations.


I was in the Air Force
My brother in the Army

I lived in a two – man room
My brother in a tent

I had a bed with a mattress
My brother a cot

I had flush toilets
My brother a cut-down 55 gal drum

I worked on flight lines and aircraft
My brother in rice paddies and jungles

I could not hear the sounds of war
My brother heard them day and night

I was never close to the enemy
My brother was in their face

I was never sick or ill
My brother got dysentery and malaria

I sometimes wished I could’ve switched places
But deep down I’m glad I couldn’t

We were both in the same war
But Oh how different

Author’s Note: I wrote this poem for my brother, Dennis Maulsby, who has submitted several poems to IWVPA. Dennis read the poem and convinced me to submit it. This is the first and, presently, the only poem I have written.