John Robert Mallernee


Verse # 1:

Don’t you know I loved you so?
It broke my heart to see you go.
All I can do is write about you in a song.
You were the only wife I had.
But, I treated you so bad.
It’s no wonder that you finally said “So long!”


Our wedding picture’s on the wall.
All night long, your name I call.
But, I stopped crying over you long ago.
Each night, upon my knees,
I pray for God to see that you’re okay.
You’re just an old memory I used to know.

Verse # 2:

All night long, there’s rage and pain.
I go out walking through the rain
Searching for a way to get my head on straight.
But, I live with what I’ve done.
Why bother blaming anyone?
But, the change within my heart has come too late!

Repeat chorus:

Verse # 3:

Since you dropped out of my sight,
I have regrets each lonely night.
It was me, and me alone, who caused this pain.
I thought I saw you on the street.
I almost passed out at her feet.
It’s a miracle I haven’t gone insane!

Repeat chorus:

Verse # 4:

Yes, my life must still go on.
Man’s not meant to be alone.
Every heart has to feel the flame of love.
Within my brain, somewhere deep,
Your memory will always keep
Till the angels call me home to God above.

Repeat chorus twice then finish
By repeating last line of chorus

Author’s Note: Written in Saint Anthony, Idaho