James P. MacMillan-Murphy


My Dear coalition friends, serving far away in the Iraqi sands;
Your destiny and tribulations are truly in our Lords’ hands.
As you put on your helmet and gear, and prepare to face the dangers near;
Always remember, you are doing a service for many, who hold our freedoms dear.

Although, many can judge, a right, they enjoy – to speak what they believe is true.
The fact that they are able – is because of those who served and fell before you.
The blood, sweat and tears, that you shed and hit the desert floor
Are testimony of the burden that peace and freedom, must face in order to endure

Those of us, who were in uniform, watch the images of those of you who are.
Our silent prayers go out to you, as long ago we too, walked patrol in lands afar.
We veterans – former service personnel, who believe in you, so true,
Are hoping you come home soon, to those who love you

Homage of those who fell there, in that far off land – are impressed so deep,
That the desert sands and winds – will never erase their names that we in our hearts, keep.
Your safe homecoming from Iraq, this we pray, and look forward to that day.
This we pray.