Glenn F.J. Lyons CSC

Glenn J. Lyons: Iraq 2008Glenn served in the Royal Australian Air Force as an Airfield Defence Guard with the rank of Flight Sergeant. He was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC) on Australia Day, 26 January 2003 “For outstanding achievement as the Senior NonCommissioned Officer-in-Charge of Ground Defence Section, Royal Australian Air Force Fairbairn, ACT.” His service included a tour of duty in Iraq in 2008.


We are the unclean, the unwanted mob,
Quasi soldier come airman who trades his life for a cause,
Neither entirely Air Force nor Army, and to both unknown,
Who gives protection for the eagle and her young.

10 April ‘45 we were born unto this world,
Under the Morotai sun we learnt our trade,
In May of that year we lost our first Tom Irvine
Our bar in his honour bears his name.

We are the son of those first men, those men without guns,
Amongst the jungle entwined the yellow horde they did fight,
When time was stopped over Hiroshima that day,
We returned to Australia, for there was no more fray.

The cold years went by without protection for the young,
Till Jan ‘66 born again for Vietnam,
Men grew used to new sounds of rotor chop and jets roar,
They served day’n’night on the ground and in the air at the door.

More gave their lives during that south eastern tour,
And, for those who returned, the lost liveth evermore,
Last from the ground the ADG made his claim,
No more fighting to be had in that ten thousand day war.

At four different bases we continued to train,
Though we thought times had changed, we were still shunned as shame,
Baggy green outfits at odds with the blue,
But we continued to give, there was no way we were through,

In ‘83 we reformed amongst the sheds was the call,
And, once again men stood together, in defence they stood tall,
Officers and Airmen for one purpose they were formed,
For protection of the eagle and her young, never torn.

From four different locations we came together as one,
At Amberley airbase on a hill under the sun,
Over the years she has grown both the eagle and her young,
So to keep pace with the needs men remained focused and strong.

In Sep ‘99 the unit heads north,
Komoro Airfield is calling to the jungle entwined,
By vehicle and by foot again we’re at our trade,
And for our time over there a Citation was the award,

Since that day on Morotai we’ve come a long way,
From Lee Enfield to Austeyer and Bushmaster from Jeep,
From Jungle green outfits to one that’s Infra Red,
The slouch hat replaced by a beret that’s blue,

Though we still LOOK like Army we’re Air Force through and through,
Sometimes I do think that we’re bluer than the blue,
So we’re no longer at odds with those that did shun,
For now we are a team… All Air Force… All one.