Kenneth Lord

PFC Kenneth Lord, from Patten, Maine, served with the Fifth Army on the Italian Front during World War 2


Dear God! The battle is over,
And they’ve been laid to rest,
But please let us not forget
Those boys who did their best.

Yes, the fight is over
And quiet are the grounds
Where several hundred crosses
Mark the beachhead mounds.

Let each and every soldier
Who fought by his buddies side
Kneel down in perfect tribute
To those who bravely died.

We’ll all remember Anzio ~
Have seen the bloody sight
Of wounded dying comrades
Crying in the night.

Yes, gruesome are the pages
That tell the story well,
Of gallant fighting doughboys
Who fought and killed and fell.

So, God, this is my tribute
To those boys lying there:
Lift up their war torn bodies
To Thy castle in the air.

And when this war is over
Let all the credit go
To all those gallant doughboys
Who rest at Anzio.