Amanda R. Lord


LCpl Jeff Lord – In the Sandbox
LCpl Jeff Lord – In the Sandbox
I have a son, he’s gone to war
Location vague, unknown
It doesn’t matter where he is
I just know he’s not home

My memories are strong and true
But cannot be replaced
The joy I feel when he is near
Will never be erased

Sometimes the need to hear his voice
And know that all is well
My mind can think of nothing else
I do not mean to dwell

Unless you have been in my shoes
This pain I can’t convey
To know he’s safe, and feels my love
You worry, night and day

Emotions run both hot and cold
You feel both pride, and fear
His bravery, beyond my scope
Of this, we seldom hear

The news will show destruction, death
It cuts me like a knife
It never shows how brave they were
To sacrifice their lives

How even though they still felt fear
To battle they did go
They fought for something that was true
The freedom that we know

Unless you’ve lived the other side
This freedom, we can’t see
How blessed we are to have the choice
Of what we want to be

So when you pray, remember them
Marines who died for freedom
For they stand guard at heaven’s gate
When you arrive, you’ll see them

My son, I long for your return
To touch your dear, sweet face
To hear your laugh, look in your eyes
And feel your strong embrace

Author’s Note: With love, for my Son

Webmaster’s Note: This wonderful poem was in the July 2006 edition of the US Marine Corps Leatherneck Magazine