Amanda R. Lord


I am writing this for mothers
Of those recently deployed
For I know your heart is breaking,
Deep within, you feel that void

I’ve been down that road your traveling
And in fact, not yet arrived
For although my son’s on US soil
I must see that he’s alive

I am counting down the minutes
“A few more days”, they always say
But with every day that passes,
It seems to get further away

And I know this week I’ll hold him
The first time, it seems like years
But I wanted to inform you
Give you faith, to calm your fears

You must believe, deep in your soul
That they are safe, that they are strong
They are well trained for anything
Know what to do when things go wrong

They are MARINES, and we all know
That their “first in, and their “last out”
But don’t you let this thought disturb you
He’ll be home, must have no doubt

I am here for you; all mothers
If you need to air your pain
Call on me when you feel sorrow
Are overwhelmed, or feel insane

To have someone who’s “been there”
Is the greatest gift to find
The only one that I’ve found greater
Is From God, whom is Divine

This I tell you from my journey
On this path you wouldn’t choose
For it’s filled with fear and worry
I have worn those painful shoes

But I want you all to have some peace
And know you’ll both survive
You’ll both gain wisdom, and more faith,
This I know, I can’t deny

And I want you all to feel my prayers
To feel God’s Holly Light
If you’re frightened and it wakes you
In the middle of the night

Always know that He is there
To give you comfort for your pain
And He’s there, beside your son
Giving him strength, won’t be in vain

And that soon you’ll feel that joy
Yes you will hold him close and say
“Thank You Lord, I know we’re blessed
My Son is standing here today”