Amanda R. Lord


I have always known how blessed
I am to have a son like you
The joy you’ve brought into my life
Since you were born, I’ve known it’s true

Since you’ve been gone I count the minutes,
And the seconds till your home
And we can laugh, tell silly jokes
Won’t need a camera or a phone

The man you have become
Gives me such pride, in you I see
Your bravery, and selflessness
To keep our nation safe and free

I felt such fear when you first told me
You were going to be deployed
For I’d been lying to myself
Thought it was something we’d avoid

And though I knew your wish to be
“A Marine”, you always had
Until our country went to war
Felt only pride, not scared or sad

The things that you believe in
And stand up for, are so true
Integrity, your honesty
There’s so much good in all you do

You’ve always been this way, son
Long before you were Marine
Before you grew into a man
As a boy on you I’d lean

And so I need to let you know
While you are in the combat zone
This love and pride, I’ll feel forever
Whether your gone, or safe at home

Author’s Note: With Love for my son, Jeff