Hector M. Lopez


I see the images on television, and I read the newspapers that tell me what happened in the war today. The stories that I read and the pictures that I see don’t seem to capture the real essence of war. It’s only when I see a man that has served this Country that I begin to get a small understanding of what war is and what it does to a human being. The human spirit seems to have dissolved inside them. The life we live outside of war is not the same for those that serve this Country. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have the courage, commitment and strength to fight for our freedom and opportunity we are blessed with. So many young lives lost from one minute to the next. War seems to have no day or night, no winter or summer, no time to cry and no time to smile.

What is war? Is it like a boxing match where one man defeats another or is it like a bull fight where a man can only win when one life ends? My war with life is no comparison with the war that continues 24 hours a day for our brothers and sisters in today’s war. We see and hear from the outside, but we cannot understand what war is like unless we have served and been part of it. I can only imagine in my own mind what it must be like. Still, I cannot fully understand.

I imagine that another war inside a war continues in the minds of all our brothers and sisters that have served. One war won, and another war continued for a life time. What is war?