Roger Liebmann


We sit and watch the sun go down in our twilight hour
We laugh with companionable humor a twinkle in the eye
Then listen closely to an echo, a pain, a heart’s out pour
Of a reflection on a deed undone, a time that’s past us by.

We smile in mutual understanding of each other’s tale
Of how the day was spent, little wins and smaller defeats
A drop of wine oils the moment as the light starts to pale
Silence reigns as birds, beasts, flowers settle in old sleeps.

Chairs Creek, and the bones, as we rise from darkened scene
Tasks call us, from the special magic of that vinculum time
Whose turn to cook – is there anything good on the TV screen
Mundane things take over as we eat and finish a very fine wine.

Each looks forward to the unique hour at the end of our day
When we focus on each other and enjoy gentle, sedate, play

Submitted for the November 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Vinculum