A.R. “David” Lewis


They went sailing, they went sailing,
Far across the raging sea,
There to set our people free.

They went flying; they went flying,
Through the dark smoke filled skies,
In answer to their people’s cries.

They went marching, they went marching,
Through boggy marsh, and rocky slopes,
To fulfil an Island peoples hopes,

We were waiting; we were waiting
For our saviours to appear,
Hope in our hearts, and many a tear.

We were praying, we were praying,
To keep them safe, in body and mind,
We your loved ones left behind.

Our flag is flying; our flag is flying,
Once again our Islands’ free
To love, and live our destiny.

We will remember, we will remember,
Those who fell, and those who went.
Heal their wounds: make their minds content.

Author’s Note: Written on 25th anniversary of the Falklands War, The poem is meant to be a song but my musical efforts failed dismally

Mark Churms: Battle for Mount Tumbledown
Battle For Mount Tumbledown: Falklands War, South Atlantic 1982 A.D. Mark Churms - The Art of History. With fixed bayonets, British army infantry soldiers of 2nd Battalion Scots Guards advance to clear enemy positions of 5th Argentine Marine Battalion on the slopes of the mountain. This was one of the last enemy positions to be attacked during the campaign for the liberation of the Falkland Islands from the Argentinean invaders.