David Charles Lessard


Earth, the heavenly Mother of us all: Oh how we treat her, oh, the ills we force her to share!

Upon thy support of her back, we in this world cry out the tears of pain, the tears of loss, the tears of ridicule, and those of hunger. Yes, we all cry out the tears of pain.

Together, those tears bring human existence into commonality, and mirror each one of us, to allow the waters of our soul amass in union, but those ancient tribes of our ignorance always seem to come and dry them all.

Forsaken is any river of understanding to form, and empty are the oceans of desire, never to come, and etch into our Earthly Mother, anyone’s true humanity.

Where are the pitiful to go, until heaven opens its cleansing gates of hope? How high do we pile the pyre of hate, as it forms shadows and smoke to block any light given unto us, to guide a clear path of love into our hearts?

How do those souls that cry into the night alone ever find true comfort and solace within another neighbor again? And how do we forgive ourselves for allowing their pain?

Can’t you see it there before us? Look there, down into any valley, and there upon the highest of mountain tops! Now, look right here, and then just there, under foot, and beneath the rich green blanket of our Mother!

You see, it was the sorrowful, and it was the sick, and the hated, and the poor! It was the persecuted, and the different, and the lame. God, can’t you hear their tortured screams? Can’t you hear that still echo flowing across these, the wretched fields of our fathers hate, and of our Father’s, Father’s hate?

How does one not see it, nor hear it, as they all lay so openly before us in these fields of our today’s, still flowing in our inherit blood, as it continues to pour itself unto our Children!

The artistry of humanity is illustrated through the ages upon a timeless mural of our existence. We beget a wretched palette of color from our illicit laying of paint.

It continues, as one views out from it’s given darkened shades of running pigments, that manifest from the overfilled and blatant brushstrokes from an endless array of unchanging, indifferent, and destructive ideals.

An abstract of unsightly hues forms unto a vast canvass of our defining ways, one that spews into a depiction of what seems to lay with-in our unguided and selfish hearts!

Oh merciful Lord, oh powerful One! Oh Guiding Light, Oh Jesus, Oh Allah, Oh Buddha, oh please! Oh Almighty Redeemer, please, deliver us from our own self-worship!

A God of the same, from any to who hears our prayers unto you! Won’t you allow us that view unto holy peace? Won’t you display before our eyes all the warm shades of possibility!

Oh, Mother Earth, oh Tara, Gaya, Oh Great Provider of all you carry! Please, won’t you show us those brilliant lights of hope, and endless harmony? Can’t we in all we have to guide us, unleash before our tightly shut eyes, the true soul that sleeps with-in each of us?

Please, anyone, everyone, you, and you, and you! Take into your hands those brushes! Grab into your fist that maker of love and peace, hope, and union! Everyone begin to paint, and illustrate upon humanities canvass the true colors of our legacy!

Ah yes… an everlasting, never ending, giving masterpiece that flows in forgiveness, healing, sharing, and resolve! Hand thy brushes and not thy blood to your children, and bring unto them into a future not ours!

A future that will bring direction forever unto them and one that will always have answers sought out together, when they cannot be found alone. A future that will bring forth humanity’s true depiction unto them and one that shows how to use it for the good of others, until the end of days!

Teach the children to remember, that as we lay on the back of our Earthly Mother, we do it all together! Teach them to remember, that as we continue to try to understand our neighbors, we do it all together! Teach them to remember, that as we try to emulate the essence of our many Heavenly Fathers, we do it all together!

Let them know that It can be done together, just as we do everyday we go Onward and Forward together, and know that now we have taught them to do it together in peace!

It fills my eyes; oh see it there, in those gifts given unto them, now comes hate’s chains forever broken! Oh, hope, how it fills me, there, from those gifts given unto them, commonalty’s chains become forever linked.

How those visions, there, in my mind, bring a heart to one’s very soul, there, in the beauty of overwhelms joy. I stand, there with-in a sea of tears, there, embracing the world, in a quiet awe.

“Oh God,” I scream, “look there”, everyone look! It was our children’s world living in complete in peace, there filling my mind, and my eyes, and my heart, there, I fill to capacity with emotion!

“Please,” I yell, “please, tell me, is this real!” I fell to my knees, there, weeping in disbelief, there, glowing with-in the glorious light of humanities love! Yes, there, it was there, at the very moment, there, when I saw humanity’s true “Legacy” being born!!