David Charles Lessard


Rest, oh fallen soldier, rest at peaceful ease! Today, in final departure, you lay before a grateful nation, and in spirit, you drape the hearts of those you so gallantly defended! The banner of your life, like an eternal flag rising, now calmly waves within us, and in honor, there it will fly forever, at half-mast.

Oh, lost defender, embrace in God’s comfort as we sing proudly of his songs, to guide you on your way, and to soothe our sorrow-filled souls. Listen! You can hear the beating grow louder, and louder, as the many hearts touched by your life beat out the echoes of a loved one’s loss. Suddenly your there, and reassurance comes to fill the void of your ever present watch.

Now, your final journey begins, and a womb of guiding light encompasses you in love, as the memories of a soldier, “as you were” are remembered by those who now honor your life. Behold, our honored hero, all of one’s lost emotions from life’s fortress of restrain, all of them stolen from a soldier’s forgotten youth. There, in the grace of God, every unshed tear brings a river of joy, to drown away any remaining pain, born to a warrior’s need to be strong

Rest now, quiet: come lay thy rifle down. Eternal peace comes to your embattled soul, as peace embraces your full circle of life. Love caresses you now, protected in a blanket weaved by so many, with-in the ranks of an honored nation. Today, you’re forgiven soldier, for anything placed upon you in the face of war, and for anything that you may have brought home unto us due to those remnant scars that war leaves within.

Stand proud soldier! Our prayers reach out for God, to touch you with His love, and then bless your so deserved soul. Together, we join in that love, and as one, we lift you up to heaven’s door, to join all of your fallen brothers and sisters in never-ending peace. Oh soldier, come now, on your way, and move it along! Find now your place filled with lost dreams, hope, and wonderful things

You’re dismissed soldier, so rest at eternal ease, as all of life’s battles are behind you now, we stand and salute you brave soul, as you leave us upon the wings of an honored eagle, and fly into our hearts, forever as a hero.