David Charles Lessard


With-in the shadows of our discontent, we gather atop your hallowed ground, in the chill of another autumn’s morning. Coaxed-up memories torn from out of our souls bring tears that trace another year’s life upon our face. Between those shadows, a new day shines its light upon you, and our eyes are filled with a mirage of mirror-like-images.

Hope’s essence fills a city’s cleared glade, and reflected beams of fractured light begin to reveal your presence. As we keep the promise alive, we start to feel our sorrows fade. Suddenly, up from the shadows, you appear before us from a tunnel of time. Feeling your love as you pass by, it’s then we’re reminded of that special smile of yours. It’s the same one you had given back, that very last time.

In those reflections of our mind and hearts, we see you standing there in that great golden lobby, and then look on as you take that wonderful ride, up to the Top of the World. Look, there, above us all. You’re flying high up in the clouds, and see there you’d been holding someone’s hand in kindness, as you gave comfort to those that had never flown before.

We roll! Right there with you, and just as thunder fills the skies, your honor fills our hearts with ultimate sacrifices. We’re humbled, seeing you place a child back into its Mother’s arms, as you stand proudly in a warrior’s uniform. Yelling out to you – please don’t go back in. No: we’re begging you to stop, but our pleas go gallantly unheard, as you run back into those hellish flames and smoke once more. With every year that passes, we grow weaker from calling your names.

Oh God, how can it be that they are still here? Is it just our hearts needing and wanting them so much, or do we truly see them before us, glowing with-in your heavenly light? With eyes closed, an essence of your embrace fills our emptiness within, and together we mend united in our love. An overwhelming peace showers down upon us, and your powerful glow illuminates any remaining shadows upon your memorial. Brilliant colors and beautiful hues cascade over this sacred square, and with our outstretched arms, we grasp onto those lights.
Now, as those incredible colors shower down, we pull each of you completely into our souls, to forever feel your presence within.

We surround ourselves in your memory, within the sanctity of this hollowed ground. Hope brings our discontented hearts here every autumn, no matter where we may be, to remember, those greater of us. We come to give you our love, and we come to honor your memory. We will continue to come and do these things for you, until the end of days…