John-Ward Leighton CD


John-Ward Leighton CD: Why Now
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by John-Ward Leighton CD
there is nothing wrong
but I’m in the midst
of a spring time song
she invited herself to the table
and asked for a light
the girl from Chicago
she laughed when I suggested
that smoking was slow motion suicide
sweet of face
her smile lit up the space
she had troubles in her life
and was on a quest
a search for faith
I said it was all about attitude
and choices
the only way to be happy
is to be happy
and in a selfish way
there is no greater cause
than yourself
we talked for an hour
sipping coffee at the outside table
her name is Maria
and she is twenty years old
and I’ve fallen hard
with my seventy seven
five days away
a silly old man
with silly old dreams
and like a favourite old shirt
tearing out at the seams
why have I waited these
these thirty two years
to get past that lost lover low
the further question is
why now