John-Ward Leighton


in my digs
with the blinds pulled
against the light
waiting for the casual violence
of the night.
the beat of my heart
recorded and fluctuating
for a heart there
can be no waiting.
pumping blood and oxygen
to the brain
so these words
can take purchase on the page
and record the thoughts
of sorrow, joy, and rage.
i should learn to enjoy
the day
this moment of being alive
but part of me says
is that all there is?
there is a tragedy
waiting down the road.
waiting to bleed like
a road killed toad
running for heaven’s sake
with the warning
of another
and i warm to the task
taking a picture
from my desk.
that 1/125 of a second
will never come again
and in the chaos
and the entropy
that instant is all
we will see
of what is yet to be.
dreams and schemes however fleeting
are just around the corner

Photo ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton
Photo ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton