John-Ward Leighton


My funny Valentine
from soon to be junky Chet.
He didn’t know it
but that was as good as it would get.
He lived his disordered life
with many a dysfunctional girl friend and wife
and had several children which he abandoned
to a catch as catch can life.
His dealer only wanted cash
so Chet’s face was smashed
and his front two teeth out of his mouth and onto the floor
and the pretty boy in the Claxton photos
was no more.
He was just another battered junky
with no way to pay the monkey.
For awhile he sang and then
in spite of the problem
of playing a horn with no front teeth
he played some sub standard horn
to back up his singing so forlorn.
So making a film
and touring
where they have a thing
for American tragedies
he fell out of an Amsterdam window
and “Let’s get lost” was born
and all we have left
is the sound of his lovingly
sweet horn.

Chet Baker ~ Jazz Trumpeter
Chet Baker ~ Jazz Trumpeter