John-Ward Leighton


John-Ward Leighton: Stuck in This Dream
Photo ©Copyright 2007 by John-Ward Leighton CD
The words are there but then I awake
and the words are gone.
The joy while dreaming
turns to sorrow
and today is only yesterday’s tomorrow.
The dream will not go away
but only speaks while I’m asleep.
The riddle is unanswered
its mystery dark and deep.
I try to walk away
but something unknown
always makes me stay.
I see the old man in the mirror
it’s me I know
but I’m much younger
in my interior
and somehow the reflection
seems inferior.
I have things to see
and places to be,
but the dream remains
nagging in my inner brain.
It’s enough to make me scream
being forever
stuck in this dream.