John-Ward Leighton


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: October 25, 2010
Awarded: October 25, 2010
what a paradox
you have the silence you wished for
and then become crushingly lonely
for some sound
other than the ringing in your ears
and your own heartbeat
you succumb to the technology
and fire up the computer
and play the electronic stream
as your personal sound track
now the dreams you wanted to put to page
have gone to where ever dreams go to hide
and you’re left with the
silence of the page.

we have been through the doubt
and in the silence of the page
feel little outrage so we let it go
and a poignant nothingness
is all that remains
then a honky tonk piano with wailing alto sax
leads the high stepping funeral parade
oh didn’t he ramble, didn’t he gamble
wasn’t he the last man standing
wasn’t he last one singing and a stepping
wasn’t he the one that used a smile and in part
wrote the just right words
to heal a wounded soul and a broken heart.

welcome to the mid night dance
as we roll the dice and take a chance
and our muse puts on her mask
and we complete our appointed task
and know the foot steps we heard in our delirium
were just the echoes of our past
preparing us at last
beyond the sorrow or the rage
for the
silence of the page.