John-Ward Leighton


Tam died two days ago
a brain tumour did him in.
He was the jolly Scotsman
of hearty laugh and impish
wolfish grin.
Generous of heart and time
we seldom have seen a man so fine.
He was a bus driver to survive
but it was stain glass art
that kept his soul alive.
He retired to the mountains
and had a woman friend
who loved him
and stood by him to the end.
We can’t attend the funeral
our lives will not permit it.
It’s on St. Valentine’s Day
so his friends will have to find
a way
to raise a glass
and say good bye
each in their own way.
Tam was sometimes overlooked
and will be sorely missed
but we must not be bereft
because we know
Tam was in heaven
two days
before the devil knew
he’d left.