John-Ward Leighton CD


John-Ward Leighton CD: After Glow
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by John-Ward Leighton CD
who knows where this is gonna glow
will it just get by
and slip in disguised as a mortal sin
who knows where these words have been

I don’t know but here they come again
those casualties of memory lane
the rolling stones bouncing around
in my fevered brain

all those loose words said
that will be the only things remembered
when I’m tits up
and well and truly dead

this morning’s coffee
trying to make a new man of me
and the sweater and slippers
to kill the morning chill

a gift from soldier buddy Bill
headphones that block out the siren’s shrill
and Santana to fill the bill
music until I’ve had my fill

and my disquiet
is lost in life’s undertow
and the scene is fading
in the afterglow.