John-Ward Leighton


What is it in the randomness of fate
has placed me in this bubble
far from any toil or trouble?
Ships are boarded at sea
and their passengers are murdered,
piracy you say
not so say the Israeli Defence Force.
The cheeky passengers thought
they could circumvent the rules
for the largest concentration camp in the world
which is the territory of GAZA
and bring very much needed aid
to the Palestinian inmates.
The rules for all others
do not apply:
violence is the right of those with the guns
especially if in the hands of the IDF
and if you are not careful
Israel will play the Holocaust card
and as we know this trumps all.
I’m wondering what position
will be the Canadian government response to this atrocity
given our response and support
to the murderous incursion into Gaza previously
as King Steven poses with the Israeli PM
in a photo op
before he has to fly home
to handle the self imposed crisis.

I sit in my bubble
drinking coffee and opining from afar
and listen to the news from CBC1.
How long will this keep the world’s attention
when the latest news both trivial and important
are the media’s affliction?
The host is pissing and moaning about
the rainy May and June’s first day.
Still nothing has changed on the Gulf
oil spill,
the BP CEO and his henchmen
are still on the street
dressed in their two thousand dollar suits
and their Gucci shoes
sitting around their board room tables
plotting on how much “bonus” money
they can legally steal.

The stock market is in the dumper again
and there is a car stalled on a local bridge
and another emergency, the fifth this morning,
as sirens wail down Powell Street.

I know you should never question
good luck
it can change very quickly you see
but still I have to ask,
why me?

John-Ward Leighton: Why Me?
Photo ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton