John-Ward Leighton


“Hello,” we say to the dead
we have come to say
“Thank you for this day”
This day in our freedom and liberty
for which you paid
such a terrible price.
You gave up your future
so we could have one.
You were there for one bright moment
and then you were gone.
Now you only live in memory
and out of sight out of mind
and never mind the victory.
With your brothers and sisters in arms
the best we could raise
you went into the fire
and didn’t return
and now lay in graveyards
far away.
We get on with our lives
and from the banks of our collective memory
we remember our heroes and heroines
on this special day.
Two minutes silence from the fourteen hundred forty
in this day,
seem like
such a small price to pay.
We reflect between Last Post and Reveille
in this eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
the significance of your gift
and celebrate your lives
and our terrible loss
this day.

War Memorial Cenotaph in Vancouver
War Memorial Cenotaph in Vancouver
Photo ©Copyright 2006 by John-Ward Leighton