John-Ward Leighton


John-Ward Leighton: The Death of Brother Crow
Photo ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton
He thundered in just outside
the coffee house window
his death throes witnessed
by a few
soon bored and off to listen
and watch the steam clock toot
the hour
the perfect Vancouver non event
my oh my where has the time went.
Brother crow’s last act
was not on their itinerary
and aside from a few isn’t-it-awfuls
not much concern as far as I could see.

Kind of like the collateral damage
at an Afghan wedding party
nailed by the operator of a smart bomb drone
launched from somewhere in Arizona
just before going for his lunch at home
just another ho hum atrocity
of passing interest on evening TV
between the Tampax,
Man from Glad,
and the Nike ad.

The body of brother crow
had barely stopped twitching
when some gormless tourist
stepped on the body
quickly looked around to see
if anyone had seen the callous careless act
and skittered
away shame faced “tout suite”.

The body finally picked up by a member
of the local constabulary
insulated with his latex gloves
and brother crow’s body placed in a plastic bag
deposited in a dumpster
to last forever in a distant land fill
and that is all there is to see
and know
the death of brother crow.