John-Ward Leighton

John-Ward Leighton: Suck It Up
Sunglasses and iPod – full moron deflection
Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton

John-Ward Leighton: Suck It Up
What was I thinking?
Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton

Old guys sucking in their guts
hoping to impress the imagined passing sluts
‘cause it’s hard to say who are
the true good girls of today.

The old guy’s ears almost explode
before he can take a breath and unload,
but that’s the price of vanity
when you tend to look like an aged toad.

I was told the other day on the phone
that drunkenness is temporary
but ugly
goes clear to the bone.

The sound track takes me from here to there
and this naive traveller is too dumb to have any fear
unaware of the world he is in
he will soon become the next innocent victim.

Another man down in Afghanistan
ninety and counting
the sea of tears and sorrow
still rising.

Another name for the metal plaque
on the cenotaph
for a good man lost
who is never coming back.

While the people who sent him there
mouth platitudes of regret
from a script already time worn
and promises as yet unmet.

Will we ever know if we have won,
or are we only doing this for fun?
Or as the plastic hero of 9/11 said
If you want the terrorism to stop
get out your credit card and go shop.

The poet sits with his corporate coffee cup
with his moron deflectors up.
While the passing parade pauses in full attention
until the steam clock toots and relieves the tension.

For now though life is good
as the poet looks around the neighbourhood
with no young ladies in sight to corrupt,
he no longer has to…

Suck it up.