John-Ward Leighton


Just surfed the “news” today
but can’t decide if they are serious
only intended to play.

T and A
as news
I tried to make sense of it
but it was of no use.

Too much infotainment
and not enough news
too much eye candy
for me to use.

Teasers and geezers
the pundits rave
and one wonders whose bacon
they are trying to save.

Does anyone know what’s going on?
Does anyone know the words to the song?
Or do we just move our lips
and hum along?

The national news seems
to be intent
to wonder where
the wild goose went.

Now they tell us what we already knew
that Mulrooney was in on the Airbus screw
but it remains to be seen
just who else was in his crew.

They rant and rave
and harrumph in mock outrage
or adopt the pious visage
of someone whose hand was found in the till
and they won’t come clean as their pockets they fill.
The opposition screams and seeks to out the government
and one can see their collars burn
as they await their turn
their turn to loot the till.

Why would we trust any of this current crew
with their fat pensions and lavish life
when they send our young off to fight someone else’s strife?
Their mock grief at every death
puts the lie to anything other
than their allegiance
to the corporate fascist empire
to the south.

You would never know it from the “news”
that is full of self serving platitudes.
I can hear the news, I can hear the song,
but the question remains,
What’s going on?