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John-Ward Leighton CD: Rock And Roll, Rock And Roll

John-Ward Leighton CD: Rock And Roll, Rock And Roll
Photos ©Copyright 2013 by
John-Ward Leighton

It’s been fifty-eight years
since I joined the army
and my sound track
was filled with Bill Halley

rocking around the clock
at Currie barracks
in Calgary
recruit training on a draft to Germany

my Dad’s old regiment
Charlie company 1P.P.C.L.I
#1 section 7 Platoon
Sergeant Frank Buxton was the man

what a bunch of green dumbasses
we were
ill fitted in uniform
and minus our hair

the only rocking we did
was on the square
we marched around and around
not going anywhere

and being as I was the tallest
in the section
I got to hump the 19 lb. Bren gun around
I was also the thinnest at 162 lbs.

the rations were British
you know lots of mutton
with the wool still on it
and Brussels sprouts

That didn’t change until
8 Platoon almost mutinied
a couple of the so-called ringleaders
ended up in the piss can for forty-five days

when they came back
the rations had changed
for the whole brigade
but no CDs for those lads

and aside from the Thursday night laughs
from BFN
fifteen minutes of Peter Sellers
and the Goons

and Saturday afternoons
and eleven o’clock curfews which was actually a blessing
because we’d had enough of the strong
German beer and brawling I’m confessing

leaves in London January 56
during the killer fog season
white shirt and ties
turning black at the collar and cuffs

and a city night or day
that wasn’t either coal black
or dismal grey
with weird pub hours to stifle play

Amsterdam the next time round
a soldiers joy on Canal Street found
the Dixie bar
and freelance working girls

Hep “A” that damn near did me in
six weeks at BMH Iserlohn
back to the battalion then
six weeks to home

and the Everly Brothers
all I have to do is

how long ago it seems
the memory a little tattered
around the seams
now barely remembered except in my dreams