John-Ward Leighton CD


another day gone
and the summer heat is getting
to me
as I become yet another irrelevant old guy
good only for recycled slogans
and sayings fit for bumper stickers
riding with my younger bro
as he stoically accepts his disappointments
knowing that his chances
of creating his imagined future
is no better than his actual future
we are both walking funny now
no longer able to cheat the calendar
and searching for words amongst our memories
our brains racing our bodies to the grave
those we love or loved
either soon to be mere poignant memories
or question marks in the present
show tunes on the flickering screen
love songs from the past
pulling at the heart strings
as long dead composers and singers
come alive again
and I sing along with wavering voice
no longer having a staying choice
but remembering all the words
while playing with gadgets that
are smarter than me
and looking at my surroundings
and all the junk of gadgets and unexplained photographs
having survived their programmed obsolescence and meaning
destined for land fills
together having somehow survived their and our
best before date
and riding with my bro

John-Ward Leighton CD: Riding With My Bro
Dad’s Military Funeral , May 1970
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by John-Ward Leighton CD

John-Ward Leighton CD: Riding With My Bro
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by John-Ward Leighton CD