John-Ward Leighton


Rain: Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton
Rain: Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton
The rain is hammering down in Vancouver while Israeli bombs and tank and artillery fire rains down in Gaza. Yesterday the Israelis attacked two UN schools killing upwards of fifty people most of them children. This is par for the course in the history of previous skirmishes with their Arab neighbours.

The Israelis have never respected the UN or its humanitarian offshoots turning every battlefield into free fire zones. The Israeli state has ignored UN resolutions seeking to solve the conflicts with their enabling super power the US of A supplying the Veto and the guns and bombs necessary to promote this land grab and slow motion genocide of the people of Palestine.

The headlines in the tame media in North America are busy spinning the conflict in Israel’s favour. They herald three hour cease fires each day for aid to be delivered as if it was some big concession. This merely allows the Israeli war machine to reload and catch more Palestinians desperate for food and water out in the open for their murderous attack.

I know that someone out there will attempt to play the Holocaust card to justify this latter day Holocaust but I know genocide when I see it. All the excuses for the continued conflict remind me of the Nazi quest for Lebensraum in their conquest of Eastern Europe and the current battle smells very like the reduction of the Warsaw ghetto in the Second World War.

Our enemy for the whole human race including both sides in this conflict is war. War is the collective insanity of the human race and if we have to have war let us make it on war itself.


Maybe if Hamas didn’t allow rockets to be fired on Israel they wouldn’t have brought this conflict down on themselves.

Hamas has long used children as shields. At one time Hamas HQ was in a school. They aren’t blameless in this mess.

Yes, my sympathies lie with Israel. When you’re surrounded by Arab neighbours who openly deny Israel’s right to exist and espouse the desire to destroy not only Israel but the Jews who live there, what do you expect Israel to do?

Do the words, “Never again,” come to mind?

As for the UN, it has done precious little to actually end wars in general and genocide in particular. Ask Romeo Dallaire how effective the UN was in Rwanda.

The UN talks a good game, but that’s all it has done in the Middle East, talk, talk and more talk.

Unless the UN is prepared to guarantee Israel’s security and safety, and then back that up with real action, the conflicts will continue.

The Israelis aren’t blameless. In any fight, both sides make mistakes, some of which are grievously terrible. The sole purpose of a military is to bring as much organisation as possible to something that’s essentially anarchic: war. The Israelis happen to be better at it than the countries surrounding them.

By the way, Israel never started any wars with its neighbours.

And any country stupid enough to pick a fight with Israel is asking for it. That’s not war; that’s suicide.


Yo Al, You have been reading and watching too much of Grasper media for your slant on history. The Zionist state of Israel is practicing a sixty year war using the Bible as a real estate guide to justify their theft of Arab lands.

We in North America do not have clean hands in this conflict; we could have taken in the displaced persons quite easily after the Second World War but secretly bought the Nazi claim that the Jewish people were a threat and imported many Nazi war criminals instead.

Are you justifying the murder of Arab children with the bogus claim of the perpetrators that they were fired on from the general direction of the UN schools?

The self defence argument does not wash. The plain evidence is 48 dead civilians.